Community Solar for ALL of Massachusetts

Last week we told you about community solar in Western Massachusetts. It’s a way to save on your energy bill by subscribing to a nearby solar farm. Small-Medium Businesses can save up to 10% each month AND get 100% clean, local energy–just by filling out some paperwork. Truly a no-brainer.

At the time, availability was limited to Eversource customers via the Granville solar project. But Sustaine now has community solar for National Grid customers in Massachusetts, too. If National Grid or Eversource is your utility in MA, you can sign up and start to save.

You can lock in these savings for 20 years(!). If you ever want to leave the program, you can get out with 60 days notice. The only real downside is that you’ll get a second bill from the community solar provider (see visual below).

Oh, and you can sign up your home or apartment, too. You’ll save 10% there, as well.

Just don’t wait too long. Community solar is a great deal, so the solar farms are subscribed rapidly. These two are filling up quickly! [Update 11/11/21: At least one of the projects is closing enrollments on Friday, November 19, 2021. That creates a real deadline, and means that you will likely have to go back to the end of the line for the next projects, if you miss this one. Please email us if you have questions.]

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