Cleaner & Cheaper Energy for Berkshire Innovation Center

Sustaine is pleased to help the Berkshire Innovation Center take control of its energy usage. Switching to renewable energy saves the BIC money, saves carbon, and shows other businesses that they can have cleaner AND cheaper energy, too.

The Berkshire Innovation Center and Ben Sosne, Executive Director

BIC Executive Director Ben Sosne adds, “As a non-profit public-private partnership focused on technology and innovation, we are very conscious of both our carbon footprint and our budgetary constraints.  That said, the options and incentives available were a bit overwhelming for us to navigate.  Sustaine simplified everything, helping us get 100% local clean energy, while also securing a 10% discount on our electric bill.  It was a no-brainer and we now regularly refer them to all the businesses we work with.”

Sustaine loves working with you, BIC!

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