Triple Win For Small Businesses

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing a triple win with renewable energy. First, renewables provide a win for our world by reducing the ravages of climate change. Second, the business wins by reducing its energy costs. In most places, renewable alternatives now cost LESS than fossil-fueled power. (Here’s why.) Third, renewable energy provides a marketing advantage. It is helping both B2C and B2B businesses win more and better customers.

Let’s drill down on that marketing piece. It applies whether a business sells directly to consumers or primarily to other businesses. Recent data shows that 88% of consumers want the companies they purchase from to help them be more sustainable, so they are attracted to businesses that use renewable energy. Businesses, too, are looking to their supply chains for sustainability. In fact, 65% of businesses include a sustainability metric in their purchasing decisions. B2B or B2C, cheaper and cleaner energy means more business, too.

Of course, renewable energy is available in many different forms. Large companies hire expensive consultants to figure it all out for them. Sustaine has written software that does the same thing for small businesses. Now they, too, can realize their best energy solution–and secure their triple win. Here’s how easy it is.

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