Mighty Heat Pump Incentives

Does your business have heating or cooling equipment nearing the end of its life? If so, state incentives can make a huge difference. The best incentives tend to be for heat pumps, which are highly efficient and run completely on electricity:

  • MA will pay up to $2500/ton. That’s about 85% of the cost of a new heat pump–practically free!
  • Some NY utilities pay up to $800/ton.
  • Maine’s rebates vary widely but $1600/ton for a small business is common.
  • Other states have lesser rebates, but still appreciable.

Heat pumps use the compression / expansion cycle of a trapped gas to generate alternate warmer and cooler air, just like an air conditioner. In the summer, the cooler air is pumped into the building, and the warmer air dumped outside. In the winter, it’s simply reversed. Today’s heat pumps heat reliably even below 0℉

If you need to replace a rooftop unit or similar equipment, state rebates can make a huge difference. They’re very confusing, though. Even worse, if you don’t do things in the right sequence, you won’t be eligible. Please contact Sustaine if you need help. We can sort through your incentives at no cost.

Whatever you do, don’t wait too long–the best incentives apply to installations completed in 2023! 

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