Turn an Expense into an Investment

Are you weary of paying an electric bill for your business or non-profit, month after month?

Many non-profits and businesses are turning this recurring expense into an investment. Rather than giving money to the utility every month, they’re using the same money–actually less!–to create their own energy asset. Here’s how it works:

  • Federal subsidies pay 30-50% of the cost of most renewable energy assets like solar, batteries or cogeneration. The balance can be easily financed. 
  • In addition, you get credits on your electric bill for every unit of energy your  asset generates.
  • The result: Your remaining electric bill plus debt service costs LESS than your current electric bill! Savings of 10-30% per month are common.

This is happening all over New England and New York, and in many other states, too. Will it work for your business or non-profit? Let’s find out.

Sustaine can provide a free customized analysis for your business. You can see how easy it is in a short video. Then contact us to start your free analysis today.

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