What is Energy Conservation?

Persistently High Electricity Costs Unrelated to Supply Chain Woes

While most small-medium businesses struggle with supply chain disruptions and higher costs, they’re also dealing with higher electricity prices. Across the U.S., electricity costs at least 20% more than it did a year ago. In some places it’s 80% more. Why? As we related in January, natural gas drives electricity prices. Natural gas exports from … Continue reading “Persistently High Electricity Costs Unrelated to Supply Chain Woes”

Lower Bill, Stronger Brand

How can you win more customers and simultaneously save money? We’ll show you! Large businesses are getting cheaper energy that happens to be cleaner. They’re using “cleaner” to engage more customers, win more contracts and even attract more employees. Now, small-medium businesses can do it, too. It’s all about finding your best-fit solution, and adjusting … Continue reading “Lower Bill, Stronger Brand”

Triple Win For Small Businesses

Increasingly, businesses are recognizing a triple win with renewable energy. First, renewables provide a win for our world by reducing the ravages of climate change. Second, the business wins by reducing its energy costs. In most places, renewable alternatives now cost LESS than fossil-fueled power. (Here’s why.) Third, renewable energy provides a marketing advantage. It … Continue reading “Triple Win For Small Businesses”

Energy Scorecard: Sneak Peak

Sustaine’s unique and powerful software generates a customized Energy Scorecard from a single utility bill. The Scorecard reveals which of your energy options will deliver the most savings with the least effort–and it’s absolutely free. Sustaine’s software reveals where the savings are. Our value-added service (also free!) secures the solution via competitive bids and delivers … Continue reading “Energy Scorecard: Sneak Peak”

Sustaine In the News: Berkshire Trade & Commerce

Sustaine is headquartered in the beautiful Berkshire mountains of western Massachusetts. The Berkshire region is a wonderful place to live and work, especially when you have a national market for your business like Sustaine does. It’s terrific to get attention from the local press, too. Berkshire Trade & Commerce (Sep 2021, p. 26) published this … Continue reading “Sustaine In the News: Berkshire Trade & Commerce”

Eversource-Western MA Rates Going Way Up

If you are supplied by Eversource in Western Massachusetts, get ready to pay a lot more. Starting January 1, small business rates are going up 46%. Oh, and you’ll pay more at home, too: Residential rates are going up 45%. As we’ve previously written, prices do change seasonally, and it’s important to compare a full … Continue reading “Eversource-Western MA Rates Going Way Up”

Cleaner & Cheaper Energy for Berkshire Innovation Center

Sustaine is pleased to help the Berkshire Innovation Center take control of its energy usage. Switching to renewable energy saves the BIC money, saves carbon, and shows other businesses that they can have cleaner AND cheaper energy, too. BIC Executive Director Ben Sosne adds, “As a non-profit public-private partnership focused on technology and innovation, we … Continue reading “Cleaner & Cheaper Energy for Berkshire Innovation Center”


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