What is Energy Conservation?

Cleaner & Cheaper Energy for Berkshire Innovation Center

Sustaine is pleased to help the Berkshire Innovation Center take control of its energy usage. Switching to renewable energy saves the BIC money, saves carbon, and shows other businesses that they can have cleaner AND cheaper energy, too. BIC Executive Director Ben Sosne adds, “As a non-profit public-private partnership focused on technology and innovation, we … Continue reading “Cleaner & Cheaper Energy for Berkshire Innovation Center”

Comparing Energy Rates

Utility rates are like tax rates. They’re set by government agencies. Your CPA understands tax rules, and helps you minimize your tax bill. To help you understand utility rules, and minimize your electric bill, consider this: Buying power from electricity suppliers that compete with your utility may save you money, or it may not. Always … Continue reading “Comparing Energy Rates”

Community Solar Saving 10% for Western Massachusetts Small Biz

Small-Medium Businesses need energy savings to be real, easy and obvious. In fact, the hardest part of being at Sustaine is rising above the ‘noise.’ So many energy brokers make outrageous promises and know so little about energy. At Sustaine we’re generally NOT brokering competitive energy. We do lower energy bills, mainly by taking advantage … Continue reading “Community Solar Saving 10% for Western Massachusetts Small Biz”

What is Energy Conservation?

At its core, energy conservation is the practice of using less energy in order to lower costs and reduce environmental impact. This can mean using less electricity, gas, or any other form of energy that you get from your utility and pay for. With finite energy resources available on our planet, actively conserving energy when possible … Continue reading “What is Energy Conservation?”

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