Community Solar for ALL of Western Mass

Last week we told you about community solar in Western Massachusetts. It’s a way to save on your energy bill by subscribing to a nearby solar farm. Small-Medium Businesses can save up to 10% each month AND get cleaner energy–just by filling out some paperwork. Truly a no-brainer.

At the time, availability was limited to Eversource customers via the Granville solar project. But Sustaine now has community solar for National Grid customers, too. If National Grid is your utility in Western Mass, you can now sign up for the Brook Street project with our partner Grasshopper and start to save.

Community Solar Saving 10% for Western Massachusetts Small Biz

Small-Medium Businesses need energy savings to be real, easy and obvious.

In fact, the hardest part of being at Sustaine is rising above the ‘noise.’ So many energy brokers make outrageous promises and know so little about energy. At Sustaine we’re generally NOT brokering competitive energy. We do lower energy bills, mainly by taking advantage of programs/money that states have set aside specifically to help small businesses. A lot of times, that’s also renewable energy. So it’s cheaper AND cleaner energy. For real.

For example, we’ve identified a great savings program for small businesses in Western Mass that have Eversource as their utility.

Massachusetts has a program called community solar. Small businesses in Western Mass are cutting their electric bills up to 10% by sourcing their energy from a nearby solar farm. The electricity is still delivered by Eversource, so there’s really no noticeable change, just savings on the bill.

In fact, all it takes is a little paperwork. Our partners at Grasshopper have made it really easy to sign up for their Granville project. Small businesses can fill out the necessary forms online in about 5 minutes. Further details are on the Grasshopper site.

Getting up to 10% savings every month, plus clean energy, for some paperwork—all courtesy of the state of Massachusetts. That’s real, it’s easy and Sustaine is proud to help make it happen.